Sold Securities Report

The sold shares report shows the total return on any shares that have been sold within the selected date range. By clicking on a share in the list you will be taken to the Holding Detail Page where you can edit any information if required.

Advanced Options

To select the ‘Group By’ setting please go to Advanced options and set it according to your preference. Please note you are able to use your Custom Groups if you wish.


Date Range selector

The Date Range Selector allows you to choose which date range you wish to view your Sold Securities Report.


To change the display from percentage to currency just click the little symbols top right of the table.


Sold Securities Report

The Sold Securities Report contains sections for Australian shares, NZ shares and other markets Sharesight supports. Click on any column heading to reorder the table by the contents of that column. For example, click on ‘Capital Gain’ and the table will be ordered by capital gains in descending order. Click on the column again and the order will reverse.

Subtotals are provided at the bottom of each section and a grand total is provided at the bottom of the report.


Last modified on September 8, 2016