Individual holding detail page

Each holding in your portfolio has a detail page where you can view all of the information relating to the holding. This page allows you to add and edit trades, adjustments and payouts (eg dividends or interest payments).

To access the holding detail page, click on the name of the holding from the Overview tab or search for the holding under the Holdings tab.

Note that the Performance figures at the top of this page relate only to the current holding (open position), however you can run the Performance Report with the ‘Include’ gains option selected to view the total return including gains from any sales, or run the Sold Securities Report to view gains from sales only.

Key topics covered in this section:

Title Bar

The Title Bar gives the name of the share, the quantity owned and the current share price along with the Current Value, Total Return and Total Return p.a.


Current Value is the value of the shareholding based on today’s share prices (current price x current quantity, converted into your local currency if required).

Total Return is the total return that has been achieved to date on currently held shares. It includes capital gains, dividends received and allows for the impact of currency movement if it is an overseas share. It is calculated since the first purchase date recorded for the share. It is shown in dollars and as an annualised percentage.

Show Performance Selector

The Show Performance Selector allows you to choose the time period over which you wish to see the returns calculated and indicate whether you wish to view returns in $ or as a % p.a. The selection criteria applies to the Summary Bar and Holding Graph.

Summary Bar


Using the Summary Bar you can see the contribution made by capital gains, dividends and currency movement.

Holding Graph

The graph plots the performance of the share against an appropriate benchmark such as NZX50 or ASX200 depending on the market that the instrument is listed on.


Symbols on the graph mark corporate action events as follows:
dividend payment symbol Dividend Payment
bonus issue symbol Bonus Issue
share cancellation symbol Share Cancellation
share consolidation symbol Share Consolidation
share split smbol Share Split

All Trades & Adjustments Table

The All Trades & Adjustments Table is where all your sale and purchase transactions related to a particular shareholding are recorded. To record a new sale or purchase of shares click the ‘Enter a New Trade’ button to be taken to the Enter New Trade Form.  To edit a trade click the appropriate row item to be taken to the Edit Trade Form.

sharesight_holdings table

Automatic Trades are indicated by the lightning bolt automatic_icon. Automatic Trades are recorded for you by Sharesight without any action on your part. Automatic trades are recorded to adjust your shareholding to compensate for corporate action events such as splits, consolidations, cancellations and bonus issues.

The comments icon comment indicates that comments have been recorded about the transaction. Notes are automatically recorded for automatic trades. To add or edit notes, click the appropriate row item to be taken to the Edit Trade Form.

Recent Income Table

The Recent Income Table is where all your dividends related to a particular shareholding are recorded. You may view past dividend payments by clicking the ‘show all income’ link.


Dividends are automatically entered for you by Sharesight. Automatically entered dividends are indicated by the lightning bolt icon automatic_icon. To edit a dividend click the appropriate row item to be taken to the Edit Dividend Form. To record a new dividend manually, click the ‘Enter a New Dividend’ button to be taken to the Enter New Dividend Form.

Note: It is important that you check all automatic dividends for accuracy as they are included in your Taxable Income report. Sharesight relies on third party vendors for dividend information and we do our best to ensure that all data is as accurate as possible, however we are not responsible for missing or inaccurate data.

The Notes icon comment indicates that notes have been recorded about the dividend. Notes are automatically recorded for automatic dividends. To add or edit notes, click the appropriate row item to be taken to the Edit Dividend Form.


The Analytics section shows common figures used to analyse share performance such as Earnings per share (EPS), Net tangible assets (NTA), and Price/Earnings (P/E).


Corporate Actions

The corporate actions section shows a list of corporate actions that have occurred during the period that you have owned the share. The corporate actions are listed in date order, with the date being the date that the corporate action was announced. You can click on the underlined word in each corporate action to see more detail.  If you wish to see all corporate actions for the share click on ‘Show all corporate actions’.


Most corporate actions are handled by Sharesight automatically as discussed above. If a corporate action has been automatically recorded for you by Sharesight this is indicated by the lightning bolt icon automatic_icon in the corporate actions list.

You can check through the Corporate Actions for transactions that should be entered on your share Details page but have not been automatically entered by Sharesight. For example there may be details of Rights issues that Sharesight cannot enter automatically because it depends on what action you decided to take with regard to the Rights. You can click on ‘Enter a new Trade’ to add these yourself.


The settings section displays optional settings relating to the portfolio. The following options are available:
Dividend Reinvestment Plan


Last modified on March 11, 2016