Performance Report

The Performance Report displays all holdings that you have chosen to report on, such as closed/open positions and/or labelled holdings. Subtotals are displayed for each grouping with overall performance totals shown at the bottom of the table. The Price, Quantity, and Value figures are as at the end date selected for the report.

Utilizing the report

Performance Report

  1. Time period over which you wish to see the returns
  2. Advanced options: group by, report on open/closed positions and filter by custom labels
  3. Click on any column heading to reorder the table by the contents of that column
  4. View returns in $ or as a % p.a.

Advanced options

Click on advanced options (B, above) in order to further customize the report based on your preferences:

Please note: the advanced settings are only available to the Investor, Expert and Pro plan.

Performance Report - Advanced Options

  • Group the report by market, industry class, investment type, country, do not group
  • Include open positions, or open + closed positions (includes sales)
  • Filter by custom labels. Click on the Manage Labels button to set up your custom labels.

Last modified on June 29, 2016