Advanced options

Advanced settings such as grouping, including/excluding closed positions and benchmarking can be set from the advanced options menu located on the Portfolio Overview page:

Please note: the advanced settings are only available to the Investor, Expert and Pro plan.

Key points handled in this topic:


Group By

Use the ‘Group by’ setting to group your investments by Market, Country, Investment Type, Industry classification or by Custom Groupings. A subtotal for each grouping is displayed. Clicking a column header will sort holdings within each grouping.


Include / exclude closed positions

This option allows you to view the performance of your open positions (current holdings) only or gains inclusive of sales.

Include / exclude closed positions

Open Positions Only

— This option shows the performance of your current holdings. This allows you to directly assess the impact of market movements on the holdings (or partial holdings) that are affected. Performance figures for holdings that have been partially sold are presented only in relation to the units that are currently held. Holdings that have been completely sold are not displayed in the table.

Open + Closed Positions

— This option includes all trades in the performance calculation. Note that the quantity and value columns relate to the current quantity and value and will, therefore, display zero for holdings that have been completely sold. The following icon is displayed when reporting across open + Closed positions: Reporting on open and closed positions


See our Benchmarking help page for more information.

Last modified on September 29, 2016