Adding and editing trades

This section covers the following topics:

How to edit trades and adjustments

Edit trades and adjustments from the holding page by clicking the edit link next to each transaction. Use the ‘Enter a new Trade or Adjustment’ button to record a new Trade or Adjustment.


Trades are buy and sell transactions for the holding. Adjustments can be used to adjust the quantity (eg a share split, bonus, or consolidation) or the cost base (eg a return of capital payment)


Type Select the type of trade or adjustment that you like to record. 

Date of Trade Enter the date that the transaction occurred. You can do this by clicking in the date box and entering the date in the format displayed, or by clicking the date in the pop up calendar. If using the calendar select the year and month before the day.

Quantity Enter the number of shares in the transaction.

Share Price Sharesight will indicate the closing price on the transaction date, click on this figure to use the suggested price or type your own price into the box.

Exchange Rate (only displayed for overseas shares) Sharesight will indicate the closing exchange rate on the transaction date, click on this figure to use the suggested rate or type your own exchange rate into the box.

Brokerage (optional) Enter any brokerage you paid or were charged

Comments (optional) Use the comments field to record any extra information about the transaction. This could include the reason you bought or sold shares or any particular circumstances about the transaction.

File Attachments (optional) You may upload a file to store alongside the trade. Simply click the “Choose a file” button. Note that you may only store one file per holding at a time, and the system will only display the latest file.

iPhone/iPad users: Unfortunately, due to a limitation with the mobile iOS browser, you may only select files from your photo library. So you may choose to take a photo of your file and upload it, or upload the actual file from a computer.

Save Button The save button will save the transaction and return you to the Holding Detail page. When you save an automatic transaction it will lose it’s system generated status and become saved against the holding. This means that it will no longer automatically adjust itself if you alter historic purchase or sale information.

How to record a sell trade

To record a sell trade please click into your holding and then click on ‘Enter a new trade or adjustment’ button.


Then select the ‘buy’ transaction type and fill the transaction details and click ‘save’. The save button can be found on the bottom left-hand corner.


How to reject or delete a trade

Reject this trade button This button is shown if you are editing an automatic trade (indicated by the lightning bolt icon automatic_icon). Rejecting the trade means that Sharesight will no longer show a trade adjustment for the particular corporate action.

Delete this trade button This button is shown if you are editing a manual trade, and will delete the trade from your records.

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Last modified on October 7, 2016