Sharesight Beta Group

Sharesight makes certain new features available on a pre-release basis to customers who have been selected to participate in the beta group. These pre-release or ‘beta’ features are features that have been developed and tested internally, however additional user testing is required before we consider the feature to be stable and polished enough to make available to all customers. We encourage our beta group customers to try out new beta features and provide feedback. When we are satisfied that no further bug fixes and improvements are required, the new features are made available to all customers.

The Beta Group

The beta group is for customers who would like to try out new features early and have the chance to provide feedback before the feature is finalised and made available. Beta group customers must understand that ‘beta’ features may contain bugs and are provided purely for the purposes of testing and experimentation. Beta functionality should not be relied upon until the feature is made public.

Beta Features

Beta features in Sharesight are indicated by the orange Beta tag.

sharesight beta

Last modified on January 7, 2015